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ayuwage best PTC site ever.

Basically PTC sites are worthless piece of shit. But sometimes you can find precious things in shits. Ayuwage is the one of them.

Benefit in my eye (not their):

---> Everyday 0.2$ to 0.3$ can be made easily without any referral. 

---> This site is very much trusted and they are paying over the years. So do not worry to loose your money. 

Now step by step tutorial :

This site is not very much similar to other PTC sites . That's why you need to take care of clicking the ads.

Step 1: Click HERE to register or click the banner bellow 

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Step 2: After register and confirming email id go to the "Start Earning" tab

Step 3: Read the instruction there

Step 4: Now click the available ads and you will see this type of page after clicking ads.Again you can read the instruction here or click "Continue to Website"

Step 5: Click "Continue to Website" you will get a landing website like this.

Step 6: Again click some ads.

and follow the steps 

you need to click advertise of the landing website.

Step 7: After clicking "Continue to Website" you will see a countdown of your previous page and do not close your landing page before this countdown is finished.

You can also do the crowedflower tasks here in "Tasks sites" tabs.

Usually I click only "Regular Sites" ads because they pay the best rates and I do not have enough time to click all the ads here. If you click all the ads, your daily earning will increase obviously.

Proof of my earning :

Payment Method: Paypal, Payza and LR and minimum is $5