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From "" earn automatic points by viewing youtube videos

How to use iMacros:

Step 1 : Install firebox iMacros addon by clicking here

Step 2 : Click iMacros button on firefox.

Step 3 : Click edit and then click options.

Step 4 : Then copy the path address.

Step 5 : Open run command and paste the path copied step 4 and click ok. The folder named "Macros" will be opened.

Step 6 : Now paste the YLH-youtube.iim file in Macros folder. Download the file from


Step 7 : Now click edit and then click refresh macro lists.

Step 8 : Finally select YLH-youtube.iim file , click on play tab on iMacros menu and then set the maximum numbers as you want and then click play (loops)

For more scrips contact me via "Contact Us" page.

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