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Paid to promote ( PTP)

You can earn easily automoney from the PTP sites.

1. At first join Paid-to-promote site.

2. Create new blog. (blogger recommended)

3. Now copy the code.

4. Now go to the and click on the layout option of your blog

5. Add a gadget to your blog

6. Then Paste the code you have copied from Paid-to-Promote site.

8. You can promote the direct link in jingling.

7. Join

8. Click on Spread tools.

8. Copy the code

9. Paste the code in another Html/javascript gadget of your blog.

10. Now promote your blog site in the traffic exchange sites or in the jingling .

11. You can also promote the direct link in jingling or any other traffic exchange sites.

12. For site direct link is like that.

Payment proof: