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$9 for 1000 views of images (VPN works) (Tested method March 2015)

Latest Payment Proof added: 04 March 2015

Today I will review of a site.

I used that site earlier and made a thread in TBN. That time they were url shortener site. They paid a good amount like 7.5$/1000 views. you can see that post of mine. But this time they bring a new service "Screen Capture That pays". you can capture a screen or upload a image. They will pay $9/1000 views this time. You have to put the captcha to view the image.

** I got paid after 19 days of request my cashout.

** Got my 2nd payment after 3 days of requesting.

** Got my 3rd payment after 14 days of requesting.

** Got my 4th payment after 14 days or requesting.

If you want to check that site just follow the followings:

1. Join

2. Use VPN and click your own link. For any country rates will not change.

**For any vpn related problems just comment bellow mentioning your username.

3. It will take some hours to reach $5.00 (minimum threshold). Request a cashout and wait for your payment. If you receive your payment you can continue your work.

Some tips:

1. how to get the short links ?

step 1: after signin click

Step 2: Upload image or make a screenshot of a              

1. how can I make this work more easier ?

In your firefox homepage, set link as shown in the picture. It will open 5 links at a time whenever you open firefox.

Homepage link:||||

(change each link by your own link)

My recent proof: 

                   4th Proof: (4th March 2015)

3rd Proof: (16 Feb 2015)

2nd Proof: (03 Feb 2015)

1st Proof