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Earn easy $1/day full autopilot (Method Attached)

First Join ebesucher by clicking here or by click the banner bellow.

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Method to Earn $1 per day

Step 1: Download tools from here

Step 2: After extracting the rar file. Install Bidviser SSH and Flash Player from extracted folder.

Step 3: copy xEbesucher V1.1.Patched.Patched.exe file and paste it to ebe folder.

Step 4: Run the xEbesucher V1.1.Patched.Patched.exe as administrator.

Step 5: Configure the ebe soft like below

Step 6: Now add your surf id and password.

Remember you can run multiple surfbar just adding ".**" after your username. Like for my case Aftubz.id1, Aftubz.id2 etc.

Step 7: Now Click Start Button. If any problem with the ssh then click next ssh button.

Some other feature of this soft.

From here you can see which ssh ip is using by your link.

From settings menu you can control whether SSH will automatically change or not and you can disable ssh. You can see the hidden browser etc.

Where can I get SSH account ?

You can try 

or you can buy or be smart and google it.

Recent Payment: 20-Feb-2015